Mastery in Indian Equities : Sunil Singhania

The Enclosed AMBIT Capital Report on “Mastery in Indian equities” features Sunil Singhania’s career and investing style using the Robert Greene’s ‘Mastery’ framework. The AMBIT report was intended to include detailed studies of investment legends and their varied styles of delivering stellar returns over periods in excess of a decade in the Indian stock market.

The report aims to answer the following questions

• What exactly goes into the making of an expert investor?
• How do such experts learn their trade? Who are their mentors?
• What life experiences shape them?
• What role, if any, do books and academic training play?
• Why is it that these legends are able to learn so much more from their mistakes than the average investor?
• How do these people stay motivated given the daily pressure exerted by the market?
• What differentiates them and helps them stand apart from the crowd?

I hope you will enjoy the reading.

Link to the report